About Us

Our Philosphy

It is very simple.  We combine our expertise in market research and understanding consumers and the marketplace with your brand expertise to provide focused recommendations for improving your business performance.

Voice of the Consumer

Insights grounded in consumer behaviors, wants and needs lead to sustainable growth through branding, marketing strategies and tactical initiatives.

Jeff Jervik / Former Chairman & CEO, WellBiz Brands, Inc.

Trajectory Insights came highly recommended from a company that we engaged to develop a value proposition for all three of our brands.  They provided the consumer insights that helped the team develop an actionable business strategy.  They bring a collaborative process, taking a 360 view that included not only the consumer, but incorporated the WellBiz internal team, franchisees and their unit team members.

Trajectory works extremely well with the entire project team to deliver the necessary insights to drive the growth of our business.

Innovative Thinking

Every client’s situation is unique, therefore successful solutions rely on new ways of framing and solving problems. We identify technology, training, and processes to take your service team to the next level.

First-Class Client Service

We believe in client-partners, because ongoing relationships foster a deeper understanding of our clients’ inherent needs and marketing challenges.  Plus, a collaborative process leads to more successful results.