Understanding Consumer Motivations as a Discipline Spans Industries AND SO DO WE

  • Restaurant & Foodservice
  • Health, Wellness and Beauty
  • Higher Education
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Fresh and Processed Meat and Produce
  • Professional Services
  • Hospitality, Outdoor Sports & Recreation

Jill Ahern, Strategy & Innovation Vice President, Advanced Analytics & Consulting, HAV

To be frank, when I first engaged Trajectory Insights, my expectations were minimal – accuracy, sound analysis, and reliable data. What I soon learned is that Rob has a set of rare gifts that allow him to find the rich, hidden stories in data. He cleverly and tirelessly seeks what is important and meaningful, which is transformative. Businesses are immersed in data, but it is rare to find someone with the skill and passion to transform numbers into real business value. As a customer, that is what we really needed – someone to shepherd us through the data so we can focus on the meaning.

There are a lot of good analysts out there, but very few of them are business professionals. Trajectory Insights understands businesses and what drives them, which makes them a true partner at all phases of research. From project inception to insights – their investment in client success is unwavering and results are beyond expectations. Rob’s dedication to customer outcomes is as rare as his talent for data, and that combination makes Trajectory Insights a tremendous asset.

You will never look at data the same way again, and you are in the very best of hands with Trajectory Insights. Trustworthy, dedicated and highly skilled.