Rob Siegal, Principal and Founder


Rob Siegal is a consumer insights expert, with over 25 years of experience in the field. Nothing makes him happier professionally than getting his hands dirty with data to help his clients achieve success. He has developed customizable research products for Trajectory Insights that solve the unique issues facing businesses today.

The emerging world of big data is providing marketers and others the ability to dig into consumer behaviors like never before. What is lost in this type of analysis is understanding the “WHYs” behind product and service purchase decisions. That is the reason Rob founded Trajectory Insights – to provide clients with the rational and, more importantly, the emotional triggers that lead to a purchase or lead to abandoning a brand.

Rob brings a variety of industry experience, including restaurant & food service, consumer packaged goods, retail, healthcare, fitness & wellness, higher education, advertising, beverages, resort & lodging, and outdoor sports equipment & apparel. 

Professionally, Rob has been an insights provider and also an insights user in product management and new product development roles. He brings a perspective of not only what the insights mean, but how clients can most effectively use those insights. 

Rob has a BA in Statistics from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Colorado. When he’s not solving problems for his clients, you can find him enjoying the Colorado mountains with his family.